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At first glance the imagery used in this series of prints appears to be straightforward.  The identities of the objects, toys and people portrayed are unequivocal.

The addition of letters and words however introduce an element of doubt.  Alternative definitions are hinted at.  Certainties are questioned.  And the simple statements are transformed into situations that fluctuate between the grave and the absurd.

The words play games, the images play games and the dialogue between the two never quite seems to correspond.

Life copy 2.jpg

Life.  11.5x6.5cms.

Life 2 copy.jpg

Life 2. 11.5x6.5cms.

Life 3 copy.jpg

Life 3.  11.5x6.5cms.

Help point - rabbit copy 3.jpg

Help point.  11.4x6cms.

Help point - bear copy.jpg

New help point.  11.4x6cms.

No help point copy.jpg

No help point til...  11.4x6cms.

Self portrait copy.jpg

Self portrait.  11.3x6cms.

Oddball copy.jpg

Oddball.  11.4x6cms.

Game p[lan copy.jpg

End game.  11.7x3cms.

Waterloo copy.jpg

Waterloo.  6.3x10.7cms.

Egg cup copy.jpg

Egg cup.  6.2x11.7cms.

Tuffnel Park copy.jpg

Tufnell Park.  6.3x10.7cms.

Pear shaped copy.jpg

Pear shaped.  6.2x11.7cms.

Cat on mat copy.jpg

Batty.  11x7cms.

Elephant 1 copy.jpg

Elephant and castle.  11.7x6cms.

Fart copy.jpg

'art.  10.7x6.3cms.

Lucky copy.jpg

Luck.  7x7cms

Basic instincts copy.jpg

Basic instincts.  9.7x6.6cms.

Blue copy.jpg

Blue.  7x7cms.

Untitled copy.jpg

Untitled.  10.2x7cms.

Untitled 2 copy.jpg

Untitled 2.  10x6.8cms.

Jim copy.jpg

Jim.  10x7cms.

Mission impossible.jpg

Mission impossible.  6x12cms.


abc.  6x11cms.


Truth.  7x7cms.

New Single.JPG

New single.  7x7cms.


Meaning.  7x7cms.

Lifetime jpeg copy.jpg
Lost for words copy.jpg
Self storage jpeg copy.jpg

Lifetime.  7x7cms

Lost for words.  11.5x6cms.

Self storage.  7x7cms.

Prices:  £50-£75 Unframed / £80-105 Framed.


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