Bolt from the blue.  13.5x11.5cms.

Handle with care.13.5x11.5cms.

Clip joint  13.5x11.5cms.

Pecking order.  13.5x11.5cms.

Cow corner.  13.5x11.5cms.

Paint drying.  13.5x11.5cms.

Dog friday.  13.5x11.5cms.

Pole dancing.  13.5x11.5cms.

Figurehead.  13.5x11.5cms.

Skyline.  13.5x11.5cms.

Sky diving.  13.5x11.5cms.

Liquid engineering.  13.5x11.5cms.

Cross dressing.  13.5x11.5cms.

On edge.  13.5x11.5cms.

Roundabout  13.5x11.5cms.

Sky brew  13.5x11.5cms.

Smokescreen.  13.5x11.5cms.

Pencil case.  13.5x11.5cms.

Prices:  £300 Framed.

Copyright, Robin MacFarlan 2018