Through toys we learn to play, to build, demolish and yearn for bigger and better toys.  Then, as the toys evolve into cars, gadgets, clothes, sofas and endless trinkets, we become consumers trapped in the revolving door between joy and disappointment.  And so round and round we go in pursuit of the unattainable.


There are however other ways and other doors - like the one that leads to the toys we’ve thrown away - a repository of missing limbs and wheels, scratches, dents and faded memories that are irreplaceable.  They have a value too.  But not as objects of desire but as parts in narratives that playfully mock the behaviour of the adults we have since become.

Everything worked like clockwork once.  23.2x28.5cms.

Afternoon flight from Starbucks.  23.2x28.5cms.

Shelf life.  32x22cms.

Flight suspended. 32x22cms.

The dream kitchen circus.  23.2x28.5cms.

A giant leap for mankind.  23.2x28.5cms.

The last train to innocence.  32x22cms.

Dress rehearsal. 32x22cms.

Contemplating the beauty of black. 23.2x28.5cms.

Contemplating the beauty of white.  23.2x28.5cms.

Prices:  £160 Unframed / £210 Framed.

Copyright, Robin MacFarlan 2018