Dog fight tif.jpg

Dog fight.  31.5x23cms.                                                                    SOLD

Hand ball  copy.jpg

Hand ball.  31.5x23cms.

A travellers tale.jpg

A traveller's tale.  31.5x23cms.

The ladder .jpg

Life's little number.  35x16cms.              SOLD

Two twenty seven.jpg

Two twenty-seven.  35x16cms.


Sailing round my favourite duck.  23.5 x 35.5cms

3 stages of man 72 1200W 2.jpg

Three stages of man.  28x20cms

Of mive and men.jpg

Of mice and men.  28x20cms

The middlemen .jpg

The middle man.  28x20cms.

The middle man.  18x14cms.

Red dots & Bananas 72 1200.jpg

Bananas and red dots.  23.5x25.5cms.

Jubilee clip jpeg 300.jpg

Jubilee lines.  16x12cms.

Behindthetree 72 900.jpg

Connectivity.  16.5x12cms.

Opening box No 3.  73x50.5cms.

In search of the meaning of life.  73x50.5cms.

Prices:  £240 - £1800 Framed.