Small adjustments to the roles and shapes of simple objects can often lead to surprising answers to impossible questions.

So, when faced with an investigation into the causes of a failed relationship, a quest for suitable objects began.  And as time passed the act of looking, finding and reconstructing developed into a therapeutic exercise.  The cocktail of recriminations, regret and sorrow became diluted with delicious twists of irony and humour.

Impressions of Love therefore is like a catalogue of objects found on a journey - each one of which appears to be simultaneously natural and ludicrous, like love itself perhaps.

Word game.  20.5x20.5cms.

Working out. 17.5x17.5cms.

Polarity.  12.5x 12.5cms

Recyclable.  15x15.5cms.

Most are harmless.  7x9.5cms

Mind over matter.  7x9.5cms.

Just in case.  23x19cms.

Pastures new.  17.5x16cms

Lost his bottle.  10.5x10.5cms.

Come n' get it.  10x10cms.

Wavelengths.  10x10cms.

Losing the thread.  10.5x10.5cms.

Nutcase.  10x10cms.

Man made.  12.5x12.5cms.

Ideally suited.  14x14cms.

Bolt hole.  16x16cms.

Hung up.  19x16cms.

Building site.  20x20cms.

Regeneration.  16.5x16.5cms.

False alarm.  16.5x16.5cms.

Splashdown.  17x17cms.

Ebb tide.  17.5x17.5cms.

Ebb tide.  17.5x17.5cms.

Heaven scent.  16.5x16.5cms.

End game.  18x18cms.

Swing time.  35x18.5cms.

With strings attached.  35x18.5cms.

Prices:  £50-£110 Unframed / £85-155 Framed.


Copyright, Robin MacFarlan 2018