Rock on.jpg

Rock n' roll.  14.5x14.5cms.

Walking the car.jpg

Walking the car.  14.5x14.5cms.                     SOLD

Heads or tails.jpg

Heads or tails. 14.5x14.5cms.                         SOLD

Restaurant cars.jpg

Restaurant cars. 14.5x14.5cms.                       SOLD

Armchair theatre.jpg

Armchair theatre. 14.5x14.5cms.                     SOLD

Behind every man copy.jpg

Behind every man.  14.5x14.5cms.                    SOLD

Self portrait.jpg

Self portrait.  14.5x14.5cms.

Bl-ack and white.jpg

Black and white. 14.5x14.5cms.

Aquarium 1200 72.jpg

The aquarium 14.5x14.5cms.

Prices:  £360 framed.