In the mind of a child any object can be viewed as a toy and used in the act of play.

In 'One man and his toy' a selection of objects combine to form a particular toy with a variety of functions which allow the man to play the futile game of 'Hunt the meaning of love'.

Learning game.  18x18cms.

Lost his head.  18.5x18.5cms.

Collecting clouds.  18x18cms.

Downpour.  18x18cms.

Sea of doubt.  16x18cms.

For a rainy day.  17.6x16cms.

Ebb tide.  17.5x17.5cms.

Up and down.  20x20cms.

Between movements  18.5x18.5cms.

Half blind.  16x16cms.

Swing time.  35x18.5cms.

With strings attached.  35x18.5cms.

Prices:  £60 £135 Unframed / £90-£180 Framed.

Copyright, Robin MacFarlan 2018